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Modular Kitchen

Ergonomic design, Hettich fittings, Tandem drawers, Elica, Hafele, Marino, Green, Laminates, PU paint, Acrylic, Stainless Steel.

Paint Wallpaper

Asian paint Royale, Texture paint, Wallpapers, Wall rubbing, Wall Primer, Wood melamine polish, PU Polish.

Furniture Design

Perfect furniture placement with Custom designed Beds, Sofas, Dining table, Center tables, Night stands.

False Ceiling

Beautiful False ceiling designs with or without cove lights, Profile lights with multiple lighting options

Lighting Design

Ceiling lights, Profile lights, Decorative lights, Table  lights, furniture lighting, Kitchen lighting, Kids lighting, Night lighting.


Our Architects and Interior Designers provide various types of Interior Design services in Delhi & NCR

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On site, discuss all the ideas of your dream home with our designer.

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On the basis of visit & your ideas we provide you best price.

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2D & 3D Designing

Your Dream home starts to take shape & you can visualize it.

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Ready to move in 45 days

Your home is ready in just 45 days.

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What are the typical services offered by Interior Designers in Delhi?

Interior designers in Delhi typically offer a broad spectrum of services aimed at transforming interior spaces into functional, aesthetically pleasing environments that meet the client's needs and preferences. These services may include:

1. Space Planning

Interior designers assess the available space and develop efficient layouts to optimize functionality, traffic flow, and spatial organization.

2. Concept Development and Design

They create design concepts, mood boards, and visual representations that align with the client's style, preferences, and the intended ambiance.

3. Material Selection

4. Furniture Selection and Customization

Interior designers help in choosing appropriate materials, finishes, colors, and textures for walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, and fixtures.

They assist in selecting furniture, fittings, and accessories that complement the design theme and space requirements. In some cases, designers may even create custom-designed furniture pieces.

5. Lighting Design

Interior designers plan the lighting layout to enhance the mood, functionality, and aesthetics of the space. They select fixtures, positions, and types of lighting to create the desired ambiance.

6. Color Consultation

They offer guidance on color schemes, palettes, and combinations that align with the design concept and evoke the desired emotions within the space.

7. Lighting Décor and Styling

Interior designers curate decorative elements, artworks, textiles, and accessories to enhance the visual appeal of the interiors while maintaining harmony with the overall design.

8. Color Consultation

They oversee the implementation of the design plan, coordinating with contractors, vendors, and craftsmen to ensure the design vision is executed accurately and within the set timeline.

9. Lighting Décor and Styling

Designers collaborate closely with clients, architects, and other stakeholders to understand requirements, offer design solutions, and ensure client satisfaction.

10. Remodeling and Renovation

For existing spaces, interior designers provide remodeling and renovation services, optimizing the layout and aesthetics to meet updated requirements and modern design trends.

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How to Choose the Right Interior Designer for Your Project in Delhi?

Selecting the right interior designer for your project in Delhi involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure they align with your needs and preferences. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Define Your Needs

Determine the scope of your project, including the specific areas you want to focus on, your style preferences, budget constraints, and timeline.

Portfolio Review

Review the portfolios of shortlisted designers to assess their previous projects. Pay attention to their design aesthetics, versatility, and whether they've worked on projects similar to yours.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

Read reviews or testimonials from their previous clients to gauge client satisfaction, professionalism, and the designer's ability to meet deadlines and budgets.

Communication and Compatibility

Ensure effective communication and rapport with the designer. They should listen to your ideas, understand your requirements, and offer creative solutions that align with your expectations.

Research and Shortlist

Look for interior designers in Delhi through online directories, social media, referrals, and design publications. Shortlist designers whose portfolios and styles resonate with your vision.

Credentials and Experience

Check the designer's qualifications, certifications, and experience in the field. Consider their expertise in different design styles, project sizes, and types (residential, commercial, etc.).

Interview and Consultation

Arrange meetings or consultations with the selected designers. Discuss your project, ask about their design process, approach, and how they plan to execute your vision.

Interview and Consultation

Discuss your budget openly and inquire about the designer's fee structure, including services offered within the budget range. Ensure transparency in pricing and avoid surprises later.

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How Interior Designers in Delhi help in property value enhancement through design?

Interior designers in Delhi contribute significantly to enhancing property value through their design expertise in several ways:

Optimized Space Utilization

Interior designers create layouts that maximize the use of available space, making rooms feel more spacious and functional. This optimization can increase the perceived value of the property.

Increased Functionality

Designers prioritize functionality, ensuring that spaces are not only visually appealing but also practical and efficient. Well-designed layouts and storage solutions add value to the property.

Improved Lighting and Ambiance

Designers create lighting schemes that enhance the ambiance and mood of the space. Properly lit areas can make spaces feel more inviting, boosting the property's desirability.

Enhanced Marketability

A professionally designed interior can differentiate a property in the market, making it more attractive to potential buyers or tenants and potentially increasing its market value.

Aesthetic Upgrades

Their designs infuse aesthetic upgrades, enhancing the visual appeal of properties. Thoughtful use of Designers enhance the visual appeal of interiors through color schemes, materials, finishes, and décor choices. 

Upgraded Fixtures and Finishes

Incorporating high-quality fixtures, finishes, and materials selected by interior designers can elevate the property's overall appeal and perceived value.

Focus on Trends and Timelessness

Designers balance current design trends with timeless elements to ensure the space remains attractive over time, appealing to a wider range of potential buyers.

Focus on Trends and Timelessness

Designers balance current design trends with timeless elements to ensure the space remains attractive over time, Designers often consider evolving lifestyle trends, incorporating features that resonate with modern buyers' preferences, such as sustainable design elements, smart home technology, and flexible living a wider range of potential buyers.

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Meet The Team

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Chander Prakash

Mr. Chander Prakash founded Shahwalia Designs in 1986, originally started as a construction company, completed over 900 Building construction and Interior turnkey projects in Delhi and NCR. 


Ar. Venktesh Shahwalia

Ar. Venktesh Shahwalia, Head of Design, Graduate from N.I.T. Jaipur and Masters Industrial Design from Florence, Italy. Currently takes care of all Architecture, Interior designing, Construction and Interior Turnkey projects.


Saurabh Shahwalia

Saurabh Shahwalia, Head of business development and marketing, he brought the company to a new level of working efficiency in terms of project development, client satisfaction and on time project delivery. 

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