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Why hire us as your Construction Company in Delhi?

Your dream home now easy to get with our ONE-STOP Solution.

Integrated Services

Leveraging their interior design expertise, Shahwalia Associates may offer comprehensive construction services, ensuring seamless integration between design and construction phases.

Proven Track Record

If they've diversified into construction, their established reputation in interior design might translate into a commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction in construction projects.

Design-Build Solutions

By offering design-build services, they might streamline the construction process, providing cohesive solutions from conceptualization to project completion.

Client-Centric Approach

Known for their client-centric approach in interior design, they might extend the same ethos to construction, prioritizing client needs, communication, and satisfaction.

Innovative Construction Practices

Leveraging their design expertise, they might bring innovative and creative construction approaches to projects, ensuring unique and functional outcomes.

Attention to Detail

If they've expanded into construction, their attention to detail and focus on aesthetics in design might translate into meticulous project execution and finishing.

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How do our Construction Company in Delhi work?

Planning and Designing
  1. Architectural Designing.

  2. Building Plan Approval from concerned authority. 

  3. Preparing Structure Drawings.

  4. Preparing Working Drawings.

Foundation Construction

  1. Digging and preparing the foundation.

  2. Columns preparation as per structure design.

  3. Pouring concrete footings with the best R.C.C.

  4. Curing of foundation.

Structure Construction

  1. Columns and Beams as per Structure Drawings.

  2. Slab Casting as per Structure Drawings.

  3. Brick & Mason as per Working Drawings.

  4. Electrical & Plumbing as per Drawings.

Internal and External Finishings

  1. Plastering with Best Materials.

  2. Wall putty, False Ceiling, and Paint.

  3. Flooring, Tiling, Elevation.

  4. Electrical and plumbing Fixtures.


  1. Wardrobes.

  2. Modular Kitchen

  3. Lighting.

  4. Furniture.

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Marble Podiums

This is why you chose us

Shahwalia Associates

Large Corporations

Local Vendors








Best Price Guranteed

Fastest Ready to move in time

Simply Best

At your home service

Dedicated to your work

Simple 2 years warranty

Best maintained relationship with our clients

Very Expensive

No time gurantee

Use cheap material for cost cutting

You have to travel again & again to their office

You have to take update from different vendors

Hiden Terms & Conditions

Call goes to call-center

Will charge 40% more at completion

Never ending process

No gurantee

Extremely time consuming




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Simple & Easy Working

Step 1

Free Visit from Designer

On site, discuss all the ideas of your dream home with our designer.

Step 2

Free Quote

On the basis of visit & your ideas we provide you best price.

Step 3

2D & 3D Designing

Your Dream home starts to take shape & you can visualize it.

Step 4

Fastest Ready to move in time

Your home is ready in just 45 days.

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We made these Homes

"Eevey home is unique just like Every dream is unique"

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What are the typical services offered by Construction Companies in Delhi?

Construction companies in Delhi typically offer a wide range of services tailored to meet various building needs. Some typical services include:

Residential Construction

Building new houses, apartments, villas, or townhouses from the ground up, including single-family homes and multi-unit developments.

Commercial Construction

Constructing commercial spaces like offices, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers.

Institutional Construction

Building facilities such as schools, hospitals, government buildings, and religious institutions.

Industrial Construction

Creating industrial structures like factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers.

Renovation and Remodeling

Revamping existing structures by renovating interiors, modifying layouts, or adding extensions to update the space.

Interior Fit-Outs

Providing specialized interior construction services, including customized interiors for residential or commercial spaces.

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How to Choose the Right Construction Company in Delhi?

Choosing the right construction company in Delhi involves several considerations to ensure they align with your project needs and deliver quality results. Here's a guide:

Define Your Requirements

Clearly outline your project requirements, including budget, timeline, scope, and specific needs.

Research and Shortlist Companies

Look for reputable construction companies in Delhi through referrals, online directories, and testimonials. Shortlist those that specialize in your project type.

Check Credentials

Verify licenses, certifications, and insurance of the construction companies to ensure they meet legal and safety standards.

Portfolio Review

Assess their portfolio and past projects. Look for similar projects they've completed to gauge their experience and quality of work.

Client References

Ask for client references or testimonials. Contact previous clients to inquire about their experience, satisfaction, and any issues encountered.

References and Reviews

Evaluate their expertise in your specific project type (residential, commercial, institutional) and the number of years they've been operating in Delhi.

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How do Construction Companies in Delhi manage project timelines and deadlines?

Construction companies in Delhi employ several strategies to effectively manage project timelines and deadlines:

Detailed Planning

They start with meticulous project planning, setting realistic timelines based on the scope of work, available resources, and potential challenges.

Project Management Tools

They utilize software and tools for project management, scheduling, and tracking progress. This helps in monitoring tasks, deadlines, and resource allocation.

Contingency Plans

Anticipating potential obstacles, they develop contingency plans to address unforeseen challenges that may affect timelines, ensuring minimal impact on the project schedule.

Collaboration and Communication

Effective communication among the project team, subcontractors, suppliers, and clients is maintained to ensure everyone is aware of timelines, expectations, and any changes.

Scheduling and Milestones

Construction companies create detailed schedules with specific milestones for each phase of the project, allowing for clear tracking of progress.

Resource Management

Efficient allocation of manpower, materials, and equipment is crucial. Companies ensure that resources are available as needed to avoid delays.

Regular Monitoring and Reporting

Construction companies conduct regular site inspections, monitor progress, and provide detailed reports to stakeholders, highlighting any deviations from the schedule.

Risk Management

They assess and mitigate risks that could potentially cause delays, implementing proactive measures to minimize their impact on the project schedule.

Quality Assurance

While prioritizing timelines, they ensure that the quality of work is maintained. This reduces rework, which can contribute to schedule disruptions.

Adherence to Regulations

They ensure compliance with local building codes, permits, and regulations to avoid delays caused by non-compliance or approval issues.

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Meet The Team

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-23 at 5.19.24 PM.

Chander Prakash

Mr. Chander Prakash founded Shahwalia Designs in 1986, originally started as a construction company, completed over 900 Building construction and Interior turnkey projects in Delhi and NCR. 


Ar. Venktesh Shahwalia

Ar. Venktesh Shahwalia, Head of Design, Graduate from N.I.T. Jaipur and Masters Industrial Design from Florence, Italy. Currently takes care of all Architecture, Interior designing, Construction and Interior Turnkey projects.


Saurabh Shahwalia

Saurabh Shahwalia, Head of business development and marketing, he brought the company to a new level of working efficiency in terms of project development, client satisfaction and on time project delivery. 

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Lets make your Dream Home


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