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Why hire us as your Architects & Interior Designers ?

Your dream home now easy to get with our ONE-STOP Solution.

Expertise and Experience

Highlight your team's extensive experience and expertise in the field of architecture and interior design. Discuss the years of practice, diverse projects completed, and specialized skills that set your firm apart.

Client-Centric Approach

Highlight your commitment to client satisfaction by focusing on understanding their vision, preferences, and requirements. Showcase how you collaborate with clients throughout the design process, ensuring their ideas are valued and incorporated into the final design.

Sustainability and Innovation

If applicable, emphasize your commitment to sustainable design practices and innovative solutions that prioritize eco-friendly materials, energy efficiency, and environmentally conscious design elements.

Sustainability and Innovation

Highlight your collaborative approach with contractors, engineers, and other professionals. Explain how these partnerships contribute to seamless project execution and successful outcomes.

Innovative Design Solutions

Emphasize your ability to deliver innovative and creative design solutions tailored to each client's unique needs. Showcase your portfolio, demonstrating your proficiency in creating visually stunning and functional spaces.

Quality and Attention to Detail

Discuss your dedication to delivering high-quality designs with meticulous attention to detail. Illustrate how you ensure precision in every aspect of your work, from concept development to the execution of the final design.

Timely Delivery and Budget Adherence

Highlight your ability to meet project timelines and adhere to budgets without compromising on quality. Showcase your track record of delivering projects on time and within the agreed-upon budget.

Timely Delivery and Budget Adherence

Share client testimonials and success stories to demonstrate your firm's credibility, reliability, and the positive impact your designs have had on clients.

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What is full Home Design?

Floor Plans
  1. Unlimited options of floor plans till your satisfaction.

  2. Vastu 

  3. Best space saving 

  4. Furniture layout plans

3D Elevation

  1. Visualize your home with Realistic 3D Elevation.

  2. Multiple options for your satisfaction

  3. Best use of material for cost saving.

  4. Green house 


  1. Complete set of Working Drawings.

  2. Structure Drawings

  3. Electrical, Plumbing, Doors & Windows drawings.

  4. Site Visits & Supervission


  1. Interior Floor Plans.

  2. 3D Interior Designing

  3. Modular Kitchen & Wardrobes Design

  4. Site Visits & Supervission

Luxurious Home
Luxurious Home

This is why you chose us

Shahwalia Associates

Large Corporations

Local Vendors








Best Price Guranteed

Ready to move in just 45 days

Simply Best

At your home service

Dedicated to your work

Simple 2 years warranty

Best maintained relationship with our clients

Very Expensive

No time gurantee

Use cheap material for cost cutting

You have to travel again & again to their office

You have to take update from different vendors

Hiden Terms & Conditions

Call goes to call-center

Will charge 40% more at completion

Never ending process

No gurantee

Extremely time consuming




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Simple & Easy Working

Step 1

Free Visit from Designer

On site, discuss all the ideas of your dream home with our designer.

Step 2

Free Quote

On the basis of visit & your ideas we provide you best price.

Step 3

2D & 3D Designing

Your Dream home starts to take shape & you can visualize it.

Step 4

Ready to move in 45 days

Your home is ready in just 45 days.

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We made these Homes

"Eevey home is unique just like Every dream is unique"

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Home img4.jpg
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What are the typical services offered by architects in Delhi?

Architects in Delhi offer a comprehensive array of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of the city's architectural landscape. These services encompass various stages of a project, ensuring holistic support from conception to realization.

Design and Planning

Architects specialize in designing and planning architectural projects, meticulously crafting innovative and sustainable designs for residential, commercial, and institutional spaces. They consider aesthetic appeal, functionality, and environmental impact.

Interior Design

Architects provide interior design services, optimizing interior spaces for functionality, aesthetics, and ergonomics. They select materials, furnishings, and finishes that complement the overall design vision.

Renovation and Restoration

Architects specialize in renovating and restoring existing structures, breathing new life into older buildings while preserving their historical and architectural significance.

Project Management

Architects oversee and manage projects, coordinating with engineers, contractors, and stakeholders to ensure seamless execution within predefined timelines and budgets. They navigate regulatory processes and supervise construction activities.

Consultation and Advisory

Architects offer expert consultation on architectural feasibility, building regulations, and sustainable practices. They guide clients through decision-making processes, offering insights and recommendations.

Advisory and Consultation Services

Architects offer professional advice and consultations on design, space planning, renovation, and restoration projects, providing guidance to clients based on their expertise.

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How to Choose the Right Architect for Your Project in Delhi?

Selecting the right architect for your project in Delhi requires a thoughtful approach to ensure a successful partnership and exceptional outcomes.

Research and Referrals

Begin by researching architects in Delhi, exploring their portfolios and seeking referrals from trusted sources, considering their expertise in relevant project types.

Credentials and Licensing

Ensure the architect holds valid credentials, licenses, and certifications compliant with local regulations in Delhi, guaranteeing their professionalism and adherence to standards.

Communication and Compatibility

Meet potential architects for discussions, evaluating their communication style, responsiveness, and compatibility with your ideas and goals for the project.

Evaluate Experience and Expertise

Assess the architect's experience, examining their past projects, design styles, and capabilities in handling projects similar to yours within the city's diverse landscape.

Review Portfolio and Design Style

Examine the architect's portfolio, assessing their design aesthetics, creativity, and versatility to ensure they align with your project vision and preferences.

References and Reviews

Request references and client testimonials to gain insights into their work ethics, reliability, and client satisfaction levels.

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How an Architect in Delhi help in property value enhancement through design?

Architects in Delhi significantly contribute to property value enhancement through their expertise in design, shaping spaces that elevate the appeal and worth of properties across the city.

Innovative Design Concepts

Architects bring innovative design concepts that maximize the potential of properties, adding unique elements that attract potential buyers or tenants.

Functional Optimization

Architects optimize spaces for functionality, ensuring efficient layouts that cater to modern needs. Well-designed spaces enhance usability and convenience, increasing property desirability.

Adherence to Trends and Market Demands

Architects in Delhi keep abreast of market trends and preferences. Their designs resonate with current demands, making properties more appealing and competitive in the market.

Aesthetic Upgrades

Their designs infuse aesthetic upgrades, enhancing the visual appeal of properties. Thoughtful use of materials, layouts, and architectural elements adds to the property's charm.

Integration of Sustainability

Architects incorporate sustainable features, such as energy-efficient systems or eco-friendly materials, aligning with growing environmental consciousness and adding value to properties.

Property Adaptation and Modernization

Through renovation or adaptive reuse, architects revitalize properties, updating them to meet contemporary standards and preferences.

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Meet The Team

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Chander Prakash

Mr. Chander Prakash founded Shahwalia Designs in 1986, originally started as a construction company, completed over 900 Building construction and Interior turnkey projects in Delhi and NCR. 


Ar. Venktesh Shahwalia

Ar. Venktesh Shahwalia, Head of Design, Graduate from N.I.T. Jaipur and Masters Industrial Design from Florence, Italy. Currently takes care of all Architecture, Interior designing, Construction and Interior Turnkey projects.


Saurabh Shahwalia

Saurabh Shahwalia, Head of business development and marketing, he brought the company to a new level of working efficiency in terms of project development, client satisfaction and on time project delivery. 

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Shahwalia Associates

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