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Why hire us as your

Interior Designers & Interior Decorators in South Delhi ?

Shahwalia Associates is the firm with Best Interior Designers & Interior Decorators in South Delhi. Our highly experienced designers understand all your needs and provide you with the best solutions in your budget. We design both residential and commercial buildings that are comfortable, practical & with your personal touch.

Our Interior Themes



Sometimes the little things make all the difference. With our Industrial Decor services, we’ll be able to transform your space and set the mood. Specifically for a Low budget or someone who likes to change their decor time to time.The Little touch that makes all the difference.



Our Urban theme is the most suited for the modern lifestyle. Picked up mostly by the people of modern and young sprit. Interior is such that you get to explore a lot while the designing and yet the space can be changed later with just accessories. Most Popular of all. 



The Classic theme is for those who like to live a ultra luxury life and their status is what matters the most The warm environment of interior with the blend of different material such as Wood and metal, generates a unique sense that can not be found anywhere outside the house.

Meet The Team

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Chander Prakash

Mr. Chander Prakash founded Shahwalia Designs in 1986, originally started as a construction company, completed over 900 Building construction and Interior turnkey projects in Delhi and NCR. 


Ar. Venktesh Shahwalia

Ar. Venktesh Shahwalia, Head of Design, Graduate from N.I.T. Jaipur and Masters Industrial Design from Florence, Italy. Currently takes care of all Architecture, Interior designing, Construction and Interior Turnkey projects.


Saurabh Shahwalia

Saurabh Shahwalia, Head of business development and marketing, he brought the company to a new level of working efficiency in terms of project development, client satisfaction and on time project delivery. 

Why hire Best Interior Designers near me in South Delhi?

A building becomes your home or office only when it has your personal touch to it. Our residential, commercial, best  interior designers in South Delhi make your place with the best explored themes from around the world. Living in Delhi is not only having a space but it is also an experience. It is one of the worlds fastest growing city and living standards are also getting high. But as the city grows space becomes very less and it is the job of interior designer to help you to achieve a comfortable and fully functional space. A warm and comfortable space is the perfect environment to live and work, it always depends on the theme of the interior space, how the it will look and feel. Our interior designers in South Delhi take immense pride in their work and help you achieve your dream space.

Approximately how much Interior Decorators in South Delhi charge?

It usually cost between Rs. 25/- to Rs. 50/- per square feet  to hire Interior Decorators in South Delhi. We at shahwalia Associates associates provide both design and execution services. Our team use all the advance tools and softwares to help you best visualise your new and beautiful home or office. Our team take all the rooms individually and enhance them all using theme based Residential, Office, Commercial, Furniture, Linens, Curtains, Glass Work, Decor, Handicraft, Paintings, Carpets, Rugs, Paint job, False ceiling, Lighting, Garden, etc.


For the execution of the project Interior Decorators in South Delhi would charge somewhere between Rs. 300/- to Rs. 1000/- per square feet. This includes False ceiling, with electrical, lighting, furniture, Wall treatment, Modular, Kitchen, Entrance door, Garden, etc

How much time interior designer in South Delhi take to deliver the project?

It usually takes 45 days for Interior Designers in South Delhi to complete a project. Although designing and discussing it the client takes more than that. It is very important to detail all the designs and make sure that it reflects clients taste and class. A design becomes for wonderful when good amount of detailing is done and that is what any of our client expect from our Interior Designers in South Delhi.

What kind of projects interior designers in South Delhi do ?

Our team of Interior Designers in South Delhi are highly capable of doing all kinds of projects and every space is treated individually.

Master, Bedroom Design, interior for South Delhi.

Interior of any room is different and must be correct to its user’s preferences and taste. Master, Bedroom Design is in particular always stands out for all the users and it is their personal space in the home. This is where they get to express their own reflection. Our Interior designers in South Delhi make sure that each owner of the bedroom gets their space in their own comfort.

Living room Design, interior for South Delhi.

First impression is the last impression, keeping that in mind our interior designers work on your Living room design, interior for South Delhi. Our aim is very clear and simple to make the place as warm & welcoming as it can be. Also this space is accessible to most of the guests of the house and tells a lot about the owner of the home. This is why Our Living room designs always stands out of all the other houses.

Modular, Kitchen Design, interior for South Delhi.

As we all know that kitchen is the heart of the house. It is also needs to be the most efficient in relation to the space use. Any Modern, Modular, Kitchen design, interior for South Delhi, can dramatically impact the working of entire home as well as its members. Our interior designers always provide with the most efficient and a lot of storage with zero compromise to chef’s comfort. Perfect materials are used in the manufacturing and each of the part of our modular, kitchen designs are fully functional.

Modular, Kitchen Design, interior for South Delhi.

It is the place which serves in many ways. Dining Room interior for South Delhi is not only used to serve food but in our lifestyle this is the place where entire family comes together in a day. Our interior designers make sure that Dining interior designs are so pleasant that it takes the stress of your day. A perfect combination of the food on a beautiful dining table that reflects the ceiling lights, soothing walls surround you and give you the warmth and pease of the day.

Bathroom Design, interior for South Delhi.

In todays world specially after the Covid - 19 pandemic, hygiene has become the most important thing. Bathroom of your home is & has always been a part where you really change into a new day. Our interior designers make sure that you get the best bathroom design, interior in South Delhi. With the help of beautiful ceramic tiles, stone work, sanitary work & perfect lighting, your bathroom design, interior becomes entirely different from entire world.

Kids Room Design, interior for South Delhi.

As we know that the personal space of any person reflects their personality. But it is absolutely different for the kids room design, interior for South Delhi, as this is the space that helps them develop a personality for them. Our interior designers helps to create a perfect environment for kids to do all kinds of activities. Kids Room, interior makes sure that the young one always is comfortable and gets separate and fully functional space to study, play, creativity, etc.

Home office Design, interior for South Delhi.

Post covid-19 pandemic, work from home has become a part of one’s lifestyle but it is not easy to get a space where you can do it in the most functional manner specially if you have young kids at home. Home office has become an essential need for every home specially if you are a corporate employee. Our interior designers in South Delhi helps you setup a perfect workspace environment in your home office design, interior. With the help of very comfortable furniture and storage designs we make sure the efficiency of the space. We also make sure that if you are inviting clients for meeting then your home office design, interior gives them the best of your impression.

False ceiling Design, interior for South Delhi.

Any home looks great only if you have great False ceiling designs, interior. It also helps to hold the best of the lighting pattern. Our interior designers in South Delhi use our false ceiling designs in many different ways, wether it is to virtually divide a large space or it is to make a small space look big. False Ceiling design always enhance the interior of your room & most simple look can be very important to leave the impression.

Frequently Asked Questions of interior designers in South Delhi.

What are the areas of specialisations of interior designers near me in South Delhi ?

Interior Designers near me in South Delhispecialises in Full home interior, home renovation, flat interior, Bedroom, Drawing room, Living room, Modular, Kitchen Design, Bathroom, Bar design, Kids room, Puja room, Home office, etc.

How do I chose an interior Designer in South Delhi?

The greatest qualities of our interior designers in South Delhi are that they are highly experienced to understand your needs and budget, they help you build a home where you will comfortably live for ever.And that is what you look for an interior designer in South Delhi.

What are the services offered by Interior Designers in South Delhi ?

At Shahwalia Associates our interior designers in South Delhi offer a wide range of services such as :- Full home interior, old home interior, renovation, interior decor, 2d design, 3d design, Kitchen designs, Master, Bedroom designs, Bathroom designs, False ceiling designs, Electrical drawings, Plumbing Drawings, Furniture drawings, Wardrobe designs, Door designs, Vertical, garden designs.

What should I consider before hiring an Interior Designer near me in South Delhi ?

We at Shahwalia Associates always say that the best interior designer near me in South Delhi is the one who can read your thoughts and provide you with the designs that are already in your mind the one you dream of. That is exactly our designers will do for you.

Will Interior Designers in South Delhi, Delhi provide consultation services? ?

Interior designers in South Delhi provide various kinds of services, most important of which is consultation services. Our designers and experts make sure that you are 100% satisfied and that our after work completion service also remain with you for ever. That is the reason why all of our old clients always consult our firm for ever single thing related to building interior.

Why should I hire a professional Interior Designer in South Delhi?

In today's busy lifestyle we all need to be focused on our jobs, but perfection is exactly what we all are looking. So it make absolute sense that we hire a professional Interior Designer in South Delhi. If you hire Shahwalia Associates then we ensure that the work done is 100% best, professional manner, this way you are happy with your home interior for as long you live in and even if you change in the future you will always come back to us.

What is the difference between interior designers and decorators?

An interior Designer in South Delhi plans out the very basic structure and lays a foundation for interior decorator to work upon. This include the placement of the furniture, Curtains, Blinds, circulation, Sanitary, Kitchen Design, Lighting, etc. But Interior decorator in South Delhi gives a further beautification to the work of an interior designer. Working with the shades of colour, texture, material, Fabric, etc interior decorator gives a theme to the space.

Why do you need to hire Shahwalia Associates as your interior Designers in South Delhi?

Upgradation of our living is absolutely natural and with that we need to upgrade our home or office interior. Shahwalia Associates has helped our clients on every stage the wished to change or upgrade their home or office interior. Our interior designers in South Delhi are the best in the industry and we provide the best service for one who are willing to hire us.

How much time Interior Designers in South Delhi take for a home?

Interior Design is a very personal thing to every client and they may change the look and feel of the design in planning stage many times. At Shahwalia Associates Our interior designers in South Delhi always value the choices of our clients and make sure that we get exactly the thing our clients are 100% satisfied with irrespective of how much time & efforts we need to put in.

Why Shahwalia Associates are the best Interior Decorators in South Delhi?

Interior Decoration gives the real life to any home or office. Our best interior decorators in South Delhi understand the class of our clients and make sure that home decor have their reflection.