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General Questions

Why hire Best Interior Designers near me in Delhi?

A building becomes your home or office only when it has your personal touch to it. Our residential, commercial, best Architecture firms in Delhi make your place with the best explored themes from around the world. Living in Delhi is not only having a space but it is also an experience. It is one of the worlds fastest growing city and living standards are also getting high. But as the city grows space becomes very less and it is the job of interior designer to help you to achieve a comfortable and fully functional space. A warm and comfortable space is the perfect environment to live and work, it always depends on the theme of the interior space, how the it will look and feel. Our Interior designer in Delhi take immense pride in their work and help you achieve your dream space.

Approximately how much Interior Decorators in Delhi?

It usually cost between Rs. 25/- to Rs. 50/- per square feet to hire Interior Decorators in Delhi. We at shahwalia Associates associates provide both design and execution services. Our team use all the advance tools and softwares to help you best visualise your new and beautiful home or office. Our team take all the rooms individually and enhance them all using theme based Residential, Office, Commercial, Furniture, Linens, Curtains, Glass Work, Decor, Handicraft, Paintings, Carpets, Rugs, Paint job, False ceiling, Lighting, Garden, etc.

For the execution of the project Interior Decorators in Delhi would charge somewhere between Rs. 300/- to Rs. 1000/- per square feet. This includes False ceiling, with electrical, lighting, furniture, Wall treatment, Modular, Kitchen, Entrance door, Garden, etc

How much time interior designer in Delhi?

It usually takes 45 days for Interior designer in Delhi to complete a project. Although designing and discussing it the client takes more than that. It is very important to detail all the designs and make sure that it reflects clients taste and class. A design becomes for wonderful when good amount of detailing is done and that is what any of our client expect from our Interior Designers in Delhi.

Modular, Kitchen Interior Design for Delhi.

As we all know that kitchen is the heart of the house. It is also needs to be the most efficient in relation to the space use. Any Modern, Modular, Kitchen design, interior for Delhi can dramatically impact the working of entire home as well as its members. Our interior designers always provide with the most efficient and a lot of storage with zero compromise to chef’s comfort. Perfect materials are used in the manufacturing and each of the part of our modular, kitchen designs are fully functional.

Dining Room interior Design for Delhi.

It is the place which serves in many ways. Dining Room interior for Delhi | Noida | Gurgaon | Ghaziabad is not only used to serve food but in our lifestyle this is the place where entire family comes together in a day. Our interior designers make sure that Dining interior designs are so pleasant that it takes the stress of your day. A perfect combination of the food on a beautiful dining table that reflects the ceiling lights, soothing walls surround you and give you the warmth and pease of the day.

Bathroom interior Design for Delhi.

In todays world specially after the Covid - 19 pandemic, hygiene has become the most important thing. Bathroom of your home is & has always been a part where you really change into a new day. Our interior designers make sure that you get the best bathroom design, interior in Delhi. With the help of beautiful ceramic tiles, stone work, sanitary work & perfect lighting, your bathroom design, interior becomes entirely different from entire world.