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Why hire us as your

Architects in East Delhi?

Shahwalia Associates is the firm with Best Architects in East Delhi. Our highly experienced designers understand all your needs and provide you with the best solutions in your budget. We design both residential and commercial buildings that are comfortable, practical & with your personal touch.

Our Interior Themes



Sometimes the little things make all the difference. With our Industrial Decor services, we’ll be able to transform your space and set the mood. Specifically for a Low budget or someone who likes to change their decor time to time.The Little touch that makes all the difference.



Our Urban theme is the most suited for the modern lifestyle. Picked up mostly by the people of modern and young sprit. Interior is such that you get to explore a lot while the designing and yet the space can be changed later with just accessories. Most Popular of all. 



The Classic theme is for those who like to live a ultra luxury life and their status is what matters the most The warm environment of interior with the blend of different material such as Wood and metal, generates a unique sense that can not be found anywhere outside the house.

Meet The Team

Chander Prakash

Mr. Chander Prakash founded Shahwalia Designs in 1986, originally started as a construction company, completed over 900 Building construction and Interior turnkey projects in Delhi and NCR. 

Ar. Venktesh Shahwalia

Ar. Venktesh Shahwalia, Head of Design, Graduate from N.I.T. Jaipur and Masters Industrial Design from Florence, Italy. Currently takes care of all Architecture, Interior designing, Construction and Interior Turnkey projects.


Saurabh Shahwalia

Saurabh Shahwalia, Head of business development and marketing, he brought the company to a new level of working efficiency in terms of project development, client satisfaction and on time project delivery. 

Why hire Best Architects near me in East Delhi?

You are planning to build a home or a commercial building, but what goes into making one. The perfect way of doing any kind of construction is to do the planning first and there comes the role of Best Architects in East Delhi. We at Shahwalia Associates helps Our clients from the very initial stage of the planning a building on paper to get the final touch to the real building itself. Our highly trained and experienced Architect in East Delhi are very well aware of the building bylaws of the near me authority. We take immense pride in our work and insure that you get the best home to live in your budget.

Approximately how much Architects in East Delhi charge?

It usually cost between Rs. 15/- to Rs. 50/- per square feet  to hire Architects in East Delhi. We at shahwalia Associates associates provide both design and execution services. Our team use all the advance tools and softwares to help you best visualise your new and beautiful home or office. Our team of Architects in East Delhi will help you utilise every single inch of space in detail. We help our clients to choose from materials that are easily available near me, or if they are looking exotic or international materials we make sure to help them get the availability. With Years of experience we have made more than enough ties with the leading vendors in the East Delhi.

Why do you need Architect for home design and Renovation project in East Delhi?

Wether you are planning to make a new home or planning renovate your old one you are looking to upgrade from the current living standards. Hiring an Architect in East Delhi for home Design and Renovation Project can help you to achieve your goal in many different ways. Today construction is done using modern technology and a well knowledge Architect knows how to use near me tools for the best of the project. Which helps client to get their new home design or renovation done on time and also helps manage their budget.

What kind of projects Architects in East Delhi do ?

Our team of Architects in East Delhi are highly capable of doing all kinds of projects and every Project is treated individually.

Our team of Residential Architects in East Delhi.

At Shahwalia Associates we make sure that every project gets correct attention and that the Architect working on it has previous experience of the similar projects. Our team of Residential Architects in East Delhi is highly experienced and have helped our clients to get their dream home. We help them visualise the futuristic view of their home. Both aspects of space saving and open spaces are considered while planning.

Our team of Commercial Architects in East Delhi.

Wether it is a corporate tower or a commercial complex, Shopping Mall or Arcade, Hotel or Guest House, Hospital or nursing Home  Individual office, Showroom or a shop. Our team of Commercial Architects in East Delhi, use each and every space available to us and get the most efficient planning which help our client in their business revenue. We also ensure that these buildings are according to the near me building bylaws. Fire safety and norms are followed. Structure of the building is also responsive for any kind of the emergency. Not only floor plan is prepared but the look and feel of the building is also visualised in 3d.

Our team of Architects for Hotel in East Delhi.

Hotel and hospitality industry is on the high level. It is the opportunity for any investor to take the best of it. But people come for a great experience and they only want to stay in a great planned place for which you need to hire an Architect in East Delhi, with deep knowledge of the business, working of the hotel and hospitality industry. Shahwalia Associates has helped multiple clients to achieve the similar goals and helped them setup great Hotels, Oyo Rooms, Guest house and other similar buildings.

Our team of Architects for Restaurant, Cafe, Bar in East Delhi.

At Shahwalia Associates we have team of great Architects who have helped multiple restaurants, Cafes, Bars in East Delhi. It is always considered first what kind of investment Our client is looking into. We also help them setup the business with the reference of our previous clients. Our Architects in East Delhi also have knowledge of how to treat every project individually, so each of our clients are 100% satisfied.

Our team of Architects for Showroom & Shop in East Delhi.

It is very important to treat every single inch of space in the right manner in order to achieve the best result for any showroom or shop design. Our team Architects in East Delhi knows how to divide the space into various aspects of the Display, Storage, functionality, Dealing, etc. Showrooms are considered as the place where any thing can be sold given the right mixture of products and display. The person visiting not only buy a product but with the help of our designs they also remember the greatness of the place and take the experience to remind them to come back for more.


Branding plays a major role on the sale of the business and for which our team of Best Architects in East Delhi work very hard to achieve the design that helps any showroom owner get the confidence to sell. We also help to setup the brand theme which helps your clients to reorganise your brand and will remember it for a very long time.

Extra benefits of hiring Shahwalia Associates as your Architects in East Delhi.

We have designed and build multiple buildings because of which we have made quite a name for ourselves in the field of architecture, construction, Building renovation. Some of our clients have no prior knowledge as to what exactly it takes to make a building. Our Architects in East Delhi not only these clients to get the planning done but also help them with all the construction, Material, Labor, Vendors, Construction Planning, Supervision, etc. We also have partner companies who help us achieve above standard products in better than near me market price. So if you are planning to hire an Architect in East Delhi, you must go with our best of the services.

Our team of Architects for 2D | 3D, Elevation East Delhi.

We believe that it is very important that our clients understand the design as clear as we do. To help them visualise how their home or office will look, Our Architects in East Delhi take help of modern 2D, 3D, VR, technology that gives our clients vision of the Elevation of the building even before the work starts.

Frequently Asked Questions of Architects in East Delhi.

What are the areas of specialisations of Architects near me in East Delhi ?

At Shahwalia Associates Our Architects in East Delhi are highly capable of taking all kinds of Architectural projects be it a small home or flat, group housing, Hotels, Restaurant, Oyo rooms, guest houses, farm house, Office, Malls, Showrooms, Shop, Villas, Kothi, a multi story commercial building, industrial projects.

How do I chose an Architect in East Delhi ?

It is very important to understand that your Architect is will design a building at once and the average life of a building is approximately 50 years. So it becomes very important to chose an Architect with all the best skills and experiences. At Shahwalia Associates we not only have experience of planning but we also have plenty of experience of construction, ploting, town planning, etc. Our Architects in East Delhi are very well trained in various fields of architecture.

What are the services offered by Architects in East Delhi ?

At Shahwalia Associates Our Architects in East Delhi provide full range of services when it comes to design. We also help our clients to manage their projects with project & construction management, Supervision and pre construction planning.

What should I consider before hiring an Architect near me in East Delhi ?

Planning is the main object as it is the pre reflection of the future project. One must consider before hiring an Architect near me in East Delhi that they have good coordination and planning skills. So you can get a good result for your investment.

Will Architects in East Delhi provide consultation services? 

We at Shahwalia Associates offer complete one stop services. Our Architects in East Delhi are highly capable of providing all kinds of consultation services. Be it Floor plan, Working drawings, Door window details Furniture layout, Electrical drawings, plumbing drawings, Elevation, 2D or 3D Designing.

Why should I hire a professional Architects in East Delhi?

Construction is very expensive and most of the people do it only once in their lifetime. When you are investing a large sum of your life saving than it makes perfect sense to hire a professional Architect in East Delhi who will be able to guide you better on how you can invest and more importantly how you can save a lot by cutting short the waste and pre planning. For this very purpose Shahwalia Associates offer complete Architecture & construction management services.

What is the difference between Residential Architect and Commercial Architect?

A Residential Architect designs residential buildings such as small homes, multi floor flats and group housing projects. Where as Commercial Architect designs projects such as Shopping Malls, Office buildings, Industries, Commercial complex, Godowns, etc. At Shahwalia Associates our Architects in Delhi do both Residential and commercial projects in East Delhi & NCR.

Why do you need to hire Shahwalia Associates as your Architects in East Delhi?

Shahwalia Associates is one of the oldest firm in East Delhi, Our Architects are experts in the industry, We offer a wide range of services to our clients such as Floor Plan, Sections, Elevations, 2D, 3D Designing, etc. We do residential, commercial and industrial projects. According to our clients we are one of the best architecture firms in East Delhi.

How much time Architects in Preet East Delhi take for a home?

Architecture, Renovation & planning is a very personal thing to every client and they may change the look and feel of the design in planning stage many times. At Shahwalia Associates Our Architects in East Delhi always value the choices of our clients and make sure that we get exactly the thing our clients are 100% satisfied with irrespective of how much time & efforts we need to put in.

Why Shahwalia Associates are the best Architects in East Delhi?

Designing a building is an art but with maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Our designs are very personal to every client and yet all the designs are attractive enough to all the people. The knowledge of our Architects in East Delhi is very deep and they know how to make the best use of the space available. This is the reason why Shahwalia Associates always leaves a beautiful memory in our clients mind & they cll us the best Architects in East Delhi.